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JM-B-2VT dual channel vibration monitor-vibration monitor

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Product Details

·         Product details

I. Overview

JM-B-2VT dual-channel vibration monitor is a new generation of intelligent products based on the integration of sensor technology, new signal processing technology, interrupt technology, and human-computer interaction technology. It adopts a dual-channel synchronous monitoring mode to effectively monitor the operating conditions of the equipment, and extract the relevant data from the characteristic parameters, the unit status data, and complete the early warning and alarm of the unit failure. It can establish a set of rigorous vibration monitoring, diagnosis and analysis system for the equipment. By continuously monitoring the important state parameters of the equipment operation, it can keep abreast of the operation status of the equipment, provide important data for the pre-diagnosis of accident signs, and provide reliable information for the operation of the equipment. protection.

2. Features

1. Industrial true color touch screen design, convenient and simple human-computer interaction

2. Realize multi-channel vibration data acquisition, control and display

3. Disc type compact housing, easy and simple to install

4. Suitable for long-term on-line monitoring, easy installation and commissioning, no on-site maintenance

5. Built-in new microprocessor design, fully intelligent

6. Has strong anti-vibration and anti-interference ability, suitable for use in harsh environments

7. Wide voltage power supply design, in line with multinational power supply standards

8. Rich output interface configuration, almost can realize data communication with external system

9. The measurement parameter setting has password protection

10. Rich parameter setting functions

11. The application of USB interface design can realize real-time measurement data storage and backup

3. Technical parameters

1. Display mode: 4.3 inch TFT true color touch screen, LED backlight

2. Measuring range: (1) Frequency response: 4~4KHz (shaft vibration)/10~1KHz (tile vibration)

(2) Amplitude: Arbitrary setting within 0~500?m (peak-peak value); factory value: 0~200?m

(3) Intensity: any setting within 0~50.0mm/s (true effective value); factory value: 0~20.0mm/s

3. Measurement accuracy: ≤±1% FS

4. Output interface: (1) Current output: 4 ~ 20mA (load ≤ 1KΩ)

(2) Secondary switch output: 5A/30Vdc or 5A/250Vac SPST dry node

(3) TDM buffered signal output: sensor original signal, output impedance 100Ω, maximum transmission distance 300 meters

(4) Digital communication: RS485 communication, MODBUS RTU protocol (optional)

(5) USB interface: support external U disk data storage, backup

5. Operating environment: (1) Working temperature: -30~65℃; (2) Storage temperature: -45~85℃; (3) Relative humidity: ≤85%

8. Power supply voltage: AC85V~265V/50-400Hz or DC24V

9. Power consumption: ≤15W

10. Installation method: disc

11. Dimensions: 138mm×106mm×140mm (length×width×depth)

12. Hole size: 125mm×99mm (length×width)

4. Order Guide

order number

Sensor option A

Range selection B

Communication C.

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Dual Channel Vibration Monitor

1: ZHJ-2 vibration speed sensor

2: CWY-DO-φ8mm eddy current sensor

3: ZHJ-2D piezoelectric speed sensor

4: ZHJ-2G piezoelectric acceleration sensor

5: ZHJ-3D low frequency vibration sensor

n: special requirements

0: 0~50.0mm/s and 0~500?m range can be set arbitrarily

0: None

1: RS485 communication

0: AC220V

1: DC24V



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