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JM-B-3ZD Intelligent Vibration Monitor-Vibration Monitor

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Product Details

JM-B-3ZD Intelligent Vibration Monitor is a new generation of intelligent dual-channel vibration monitoring instrument. It is mainly used to monitor the vibration of industrial rotating machinery equipment due to rotor unbalance, misalignment, loose parts, rolling bearing damage, gear damage, etc., such as casing vibration, bearing bush vibration, frame vibration, etc. At the same time, it can also monitor the relative vibration of rotating machinery, such as shaft vibration, swing, etc., and output the vibration intensity and amplitude data. JM-B-3ZD intelligent vibration monitor can accept signals from non-contact eddy current sensors, piezoelectric vibration velocity sensors, piezoelectric acceleration sensors, magnetoelectric vibration velocity sensors, etc. At the same time, it has the interface capability of data communication with various external systems (PLC system, DCS system and BAS system, etc.), such as: 4 ~ 20mA analog output interface, two-stage switch output interface, total alarm danger output interface, RS485 Digital communication interface and TDM real-time buffer signal output interface, etc., to meet the measurement requirements of different industrial field equipment. JM-B-3ZD Intelligent Vibration Monitor is completely digitized, with good stability, high accuracy, man-machine friendliness, convenient and reliable maintenance.


1. Built-in new microprocessor, fully intelligent, friendly man-machine operation 2. Dual-channel vibration data acquisition, control and display 3. Disk-type compact shell, easy and simple to install 4. Suitable for long-term online monitoring, easy to install and debug Simple, no on-site maintenance 5. Metal shell design, durable 6. Strong anti-vibration and anti-interference ability, suitable for use in harsh environments 7. Wide voltage power supply design, in line with multinational power supply standards 8. Rich output interface configuration, almost It can realize data communication with the external system 9. The measurement parameter setting has password protection 10. It has rich parameter setting functions, such as: range, alarm, danger, proportional factor, unit, delay time, bypass setting, etc.


Application fields
JM-B-3ZD intelligent vibration monitor is mainly used in the vibration monitoring and measurement of mechanical equipment related to rotation and reciprocating motion in industrial fields such as power generation, iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and rail transit. Machine types that can be applied to this system include but are not limited to:

? Fans
? Electric motors ? Pumps ? Centrifuges

? Reducer
? Gearbox ? Coal Mill ? Water Turbine

In addition, standard functional monitoring module types can be modified through our product customization capabilities to meet special application requirements. Please consult our sales staff for details.


Technical parameters
1. Display method: LED digital tube display 2. Measuring range: (1) Frequency response: 4~4KHz (shaft vibration)/10~1KHz (watt vibration) (2) Amplitude: set arbitrarily within 0~500?m (peak - peak value); factory value: 0
~200?m (3) Intensity: any setting within 0~50.0mm/s (true effective value); factory value: 0~20.0mm/s3, measurement accuracy: ≤±2% FS4 , Output interface: (1) Current output: 4 ~ 20mA (load ≤ 1KΩ) (2) Secondary switch output: 5A/30Vdc or 5A/250Vac SPST dry node (3) Total alarm, total danger switch output: 3A /27Vdc or 3A/250Vac SPST dry node (4) TDM buffer signal output: sensor original signal, output impedance 100Ω, maximum transmission distance 300 meters (5) Digital communication: RS485 communication, MODBUS RTU protocol (optional) 5, working temperature : -30~65℃6. Storage temperature: -45~85℃7. Relative humidity: ≤85%8. Power supply voltage: AC85V~265V/50-400Hz9. Power consumption: ≤15W10. Installation method: disc 11. Dimensions: 170mm×95mm×175mm (length×width×depth) 12. Hole size: 152mm×77mm (length×width)

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JM-B-3ZD- intelligent vibration monitor

1: ZHJ-2 Vibration Speed Sensor
2: CWY-DO-φ8mm Eddy Current Sensor 3: ZHJ-2D Piezoelectric Speed Sensor 4: ZHJ-2G Piezoelectric Acceleration Sensor 5: ZHJ-3D Low Frequency Vibration Sensor n: Special requirements

Arbitrary setting within the range of 0~50.0mm/s and 0~500μm

Build number
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Remarks: The selection of special requirements needs to describe the specific requirements, "*" means the default option.


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