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VMS3110 anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument

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Product Details

VMS3110 anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument is a new generation of intelligent general-purpose anti-speed monitoring and protection device, which is suitable for monitoring and anti-speed protection of rotating machinery in various industrial environments. It can work continuously and reliably in extreme harsh environments, and has the characteristics of anti-vibration, high protection, and strong anti-interference performance. VMS3110 anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument has built two speed sensors (sensor model: VMS808 eddy current sensor). Users can realize the speed measurement and reverse speed protection requirements of industrial field equipment without external sensors. The instrument adopts an all-metal stainless steel protective case, and the protection level reaches IP67. At the same time, the module is equipped with 4-20mA current output, two alarm relay outputs, TTL level output, one reverse alarm output and internal self-test function.


? Can work normally in extremely harsh environments
? Forward and reverse alarm design to ensure equipment operation ? High protection IP67 full stainless steel shell design ? Built-in microprocessor, fully intelligent ? Wide voltage power supply design

? The parameter panel is flexible and convenient to operate
? The wall-mounted design is easy to install ? The built-in sensor design is convenient for on-site installation ? It has the characteristics of anti-vibration, high protection, and strong anti-interference performance

Application field
VMS3110 anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument is mainly used in the monitoring and measurement of the speed of rotation, linear motion, reciprocating motion and other related equipment in the industrial field. The types of applicable systems include but are not limited to:

? fans

? reducer

? water pump

In addition, standard functional types can be modified to meet special application requirements through our product customization capabilities. Please consult our sales staff for details.

Technical Parameters

1. Input signal type: Built-in two VMS808 eddy current sensors (no external sensor required) 2. Measurement parameters: revolutions per minute (rpm) 3. Input channel: single channel 4. Measurement accuracy: ±1rpm 5. Measurement
: Speed: 1
~9999rpm user-defined 6. Teeth setting: 4 multiples +1, 4 multiples -1, the default is 3 teeth 7. Sensor power supply: constant voltage (-24Vdc isolation, +12Vdc isolation), no power supply (voltage input)

1, 4
~20mA current: large load 750Ω, ±0.1%FS@25℃2, relay: 5A/30Vdc, 5A/250Vac, SPST3, buffer output: TTL level, 0~12Vdc, output impedance 500Ω, large transmission distance 300
       meter, online real-time signal terminal

1. Number of levels: 2 levels of forward rotation alarm and 1 level of reverse rotation alarm 2. Delay: 0~250s, with an interval of 1s 3. Alarm
value: user-defined 4.
Alarm logic: ≥5, Dangerous bypass: enable, disable

1. Operating temperature: -25°C
~+65°C 2. Storage temperature: -40°C~+85°C 3. Humidity: 90%, non-condensing

1. Display: LED (blue light) 2. Dimensions (height * width * depth): see the chart size

Power supply
1. Power supply voltage: AC85
~265V/50-400Hz2. Power consumption: ≤15W

ordering information

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Built-in 2 VMS808 eddy current sensors

Attachment 1: VMS808 eddy current sensor

order number

Please refer to the selection instructions of VMS808 eddy current sensor for the specific order number

Attachment 2: Proximum Fixing Accessories

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It is an accessory for fixing two VMS808 eddy current sensors inside the instrument

Attachment 3: Mounting Fixtures

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Four fixings for fixing the meter

Attachment 4: Stainless steel waterproof gland

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Specification: M20, size range of outlet hole: 6mm to 12mm

Chart size

Chart size of VMS3110 anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument

Overall dimensions (L×H×D): 225mm×280mm×130mm
Mounting hole position size: 255mm×226mm Mounting hole diameter: φ10mm Note: 1. Attachment 1 (two built-in VMS808 eddy current sensor front-loaders) 2. Attachment 2 (Proximity device fixing accessories) 3. Attachment 3 (Installation fixing parts) 4. Attachment 4 (Stainless steel waterproof gland head)


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