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VMS5200 Online Fan Vibration Monitoring Device

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Product Details

System specification

1. Resume function after disconnection

2. Self-diagnosis, multiple fault tolerance and anti-jamming processing technology to ensure the reliability of the system

3. Support multiple sensor types access

4. Various installation methods, easy and flexible installation


The intelligent high-speed synchronous data acquisition unit adopts the core motherboard architecture of ARM embedded system, and is a hardware system developed based on computer interrupt technology, DMA technology, FIFO technology and new analog and digital electronic technology. It is the core component of the condition monitoring and fault analysis system, and has strong stability and reliability. Diversified structure design and topology based on Ethernet communication can realize very flexible configuration.


Steam turbines, water turbines, generator sets, gearboxes, water pumps, fans and other large and medium-sized rotating machinery and equipment.

Technical Parameters


input signal type

Acceleration sensor, speed sensor, eddy current sensor, sensor buffer signal, speed sensor, analog quantity, etc.

measurement definition

Acceleration (op), intensity (Trms), amplitude (pp), phase, process quantity


True RMS, peak value, peak-to-peak value, true peak value, true peak-to-peak value, speed

Sampling frequency


A/D accuracy

24 bits

FFT resolution

400~25600 lines

Sample length

256~65536 points

analysis frequency

1/16~64 times base frequency

range of rotation


Measurement error

Vibration: ±1%FS@25°C, Speed: ±1rpm@25°C

acquisition channel

12 channels of vibration, 4 channels of analog, 2 channels of speed



Wall-mounted, rail-mounted, rack-mounted




communication method

Ethernet, RS485

powered by

powered by

see selection

power consumption

see selection


operating temperature


stored temperature



≤90%, non-condensing

ordering information

order number

Installation method A

power supply B


01: Wall-mounted installation of protective box

01: AC85-265V/50-400Hz

03: Rail installation

02: DC+24V

04: Rack-mounted installation



Wall-mounted protective box




Rack Mount Ears

Condition Monitoring and Fault Analysis Software


VMS9000 online status monitoring and fault analysis software is developed based on WINDOWS system and designed by combining B/S and C/S architecture. It can realize the functions of running equipment status monitoring, configuration configuration, vibration analysis, database management, fault diagnosis, network communication and so on. It establishes a rigorous vibration monitoring and analysis system for the equipment. By continuously monitoring the important state parameters of equipment operation, the system can keep abreast of the operation status of the equipment, provide important data for the pre-diagnosis of accident symptoms, quickly diagnose and analyze the faults that have occurred, point out the cause of the fault in time, and remind the operating personnel to take action. Necessary measures to provide reliable protection for the operation of the equipment.

In addition, through the remote service platform, the on-site unit server can transmit the data to the remote service center platform in real time, and through manual analysis and diagnosis by the engineers of the remote service center, the equipment operation status report and maintenance suggestions are given to provide better equipment protection for the owner Serve. Through long-term follow-up and observation, regularly provide equipment operation reports, put forward maintenance plan suggestions, and give early warnings of equipment failures to provide support for long-term stable operation of equipment.


1. Powerful configuration and configuration functions to realize free expansion of the system

2. Convenient data management capabilities

3. Advanced diagnosis and analysis capabilities of pumps and turbines

4. Perfect and friendly human-computer interaction interface

5. Internet-based remote diagnosis center


1. Real-time monitoring and alarm

2. historical data storage

3. Accident recall and alarm file storage

4. report printing

5. parameter configuration

6. Historical database management

7. Provides rich analysis tools such as waveform, frequency spectrum, axis trajectory, waterfall diagram, trend diagram, cascade diagram, coordinate diagram, envelope demodulation spectrum, etc.

8. Provide remote WEB service

9. Powerful fault diagnosis system, and provide manual diagnosis auxiliary interface to realize remote diagnosis.



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